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All those things that you use on a regular basis that do not fit into any other catergory.
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3M 1 Inch Masking Tape
Our Price: £1.36
3M 2 Inch Masking Tape
Our Price: £1.96
3M GP Sealing Tape
Our Price: £2.18

Catalyst Dispenser Large

Measures out 0 to 80ml of catalyst.
Our Price: £10.94

Catalyst Dispenser Small

Measures out 0 to 15ml.
Our Price: £7.08
Backing Pad M14 Thread
Our Price: £21.47
Compounding Pad (175c).Genuine Schlegel 175c Compounding Pad, cuts fast but runs cool to produce consistently high gloss finishes on GRP and...
Our Price: £7.82
Finishing Pad (275c).Genuine Schlegel 275c Finishing Pad, designed for light compounding and final polishing and waxing of GRP and painted parts....
Our Price: £9.19