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Rapid Tooling System

A range of resins for rapid tooling systems



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MoldTru® LPT-68001 is a pre-promoted non thixotropic vinyl ester next generation low profile tooling resin. The high mechanical properties of the vinyl ester resin provides a better integrity on complex compound laminates with superior surface quality.


LPT-68001 was developed primarily to build moulds using the vacuum moulding process at room temperature without post cure operations. The low viscosity of this product provides good wet out of the laminate and air removal even at high glass level content.


LPT-68001 has several advantages when considering the performance of the polymer and the reaction of the low profile during the mould construction. Some of the advantages are:

  • Dramatic build time reduction
    Faster infusion and shorter cure time.

  • No surface distortion
    The low shrinkage of the product increases the dimensional stability of the laminate.

  • Master moulds replication
    The high HDT provides the correct cure and stability of the laminate. The low shrinkage improves the surface quality.

  • Viscosity
    The low viscosity helps the infusion flow faster and wets the high glass content laminate complete.

  • No print through
    Low shrinkage and unique low profile system helps to prevent glass print.