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John Manville 819

John Manville 819

Product Description

MultiStar 819 is an assembled roving with a silane based sizing characterised by a good choppability, low fuzz, and uniform splitting during chopping. It is used mainly as a reinforcement of unsaturated polyester resins employing spay-up technology.

Tex 2400 & 4800
Sizing: Silane
Resin Compatibility:
  • Unsaturated Polyester

  • Excellent unwinding.

  • Very low fuzz and static.

  • Fast wet through and wet out.

  • Uniform carpet lay-down.

  • Very good choppability.

  • Uniform splitting during chopping.

620 Spray Roving

620 Spray Roving

The roving is designed for spraying process. It is treated with silane sizing which is compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester resins. The typically applications include automotive parts, FRP boat hulls, sanitary products, FRP storage tanks, pipes, cooling towers and so on.

  • Excellent choppability

  • Good moldability

  • Easy air release

  • Moderate wet-out

  • Good fiber dispersion

  • Compatibility with multiple resins

  • 2400 Tex & 4800 Tex available

  • Sizing : silane

  • Compatible with UP/Epoxy &VE