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A Comprehensive Range Of Tried & Tested Release Agents.
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Honey Wax Release.
Our Price: £17.44
Mirrorglaze 8 Release Wax. Meguiar's Mirror Glaze No. 8 Maximum Mould Release Wax is a costly blend of imported waxes specially formulated to provid...
Our Price: £14.38
PVA Gloss Release Agent.
Our Price: £29.25
PVA Matt Release Agent.
Our Price: £39.38
A high production paste release with excellent breakdown for fast, even coverage. Extremely easy to apply and wipe off. May be allowed to sit during b...
Our Price: £19.13
TR 104 Hi-Temperature Mould Release Wax is primarily a number one grade Carnauba blend which yields unsurpassed releases.  In it's raw form, one ...
Our Price: £19.41
Excellent for breaking in new moulds.  Produces a harder wax coating for added protection. Recommended for vertical surfaces and those areas wher...
Our Price: £18.26
A high production liquid mould release formulated to reduce or eliminate styrene, wax build up problems in the cultured marble and fibreglass reinforc...
Our Price: £56.95