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Low cost low styrene

Atlac 6325 E-Nova

Atlac E-Nova MA 6325 modified epoxy bisphenol A vinyl ester urethane technology is pre-accelerated thicotropic high solids tie coat resin for Marine and tooling application for hand lay/spray applications that gives excellent cosmetics finish to the gel coat thanks to the air release urethene system and high physical properties comes with creditasion from Lloyds & R.I.Na


Lloyds RINA / pre promoted thix

H834 RAA 30

Altek H834-RAA-30 is a medimum reactive DCPD thixotropic pre-promoted polyester for tooling & Marine parts using hand lay/spray applications with low styrene content gives medium viscosity resin low shrink properties.

LPT 68005

LPT 68005 is an DCPD vinly ester pre filled low profile (LP) rapid cure Tooling resin with excellent physical properties for elevated exotherm requirments when parts being made. The opacity of the resin enabels the laminator to see any air voids that can be removed in process, the LP gives expansion turning white giving extream low shrinkage and fast rapid cure so tool can be made in two days.