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BUFA Composites Essential Tools
Why pay more for your ancillary tools?  BUFA Composites have released their brand of BUFA Composites Essential Tools so that you can keep your workshop fully stocked for less.
A range of good quality brushes specially chosen for their hard wearing ability, to suit the GRP laminator. These brushes should give a good life ...
This range of buckets come in a number of sizes and are hard wearing.  Buckets are not supplied with lids.
All those things that you use on a regular basis that do not fit into any other catergory.
The three main drum taps that you will need are held in stock. Various drum stands can be ordered, including wheels on base, wheels on top and ...
Chopped Strands
Polishing Cloths
Protective Wear
At BUFA Composites we stock a large range of rollers, roller handles and roller refills.
A Comprehensive Range Of Tried & Tested Release Agents.
Plastic release wedges are used to aid in removing medium to large parts from a mould.  The wedges are inserted around the perimeter of the mould...
Wet & Dry Papers