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General Purpose
AH520-NEA-14 Pre-acc medium viscosity thixed LSE Lloyds approved poly... More Info
H432-AODG-14 EcoTek H432-AODG-14 is a renewable pre-promoted, thixo... More Info
Synolite 5410-P-1 Synolite 5410-P-1 versatile Ortho resin for Hand l... More Info
Corrosion Resistant
F010-TBN-23 Pre accelerated thix medium viscosity H034-ADX-40 No... More Info
BUFA Composites Resins provide a range of Filled and Unfilled Cured-In-Pl... More Info
RTM Resin
C520-HHE-13 Pre filled thin/thick profile H577-CAB-20 ... More Info
Solid Surface
A717-LBB-20 Vicast High reactivity ISO/NPG solid surface cas... More Info
Polymer Casting
AH 1664 ABR 13 Use with light weight fillers Roll top bath lo... More Info
ABS Bonding
C515 CSC- 10 Pre-acc low viscosity polyester resin primer or ... More Info
Sanitary Ware
BUFA Composites provide a range of pre filled, non-filled, white and ABS bo... More Info
Acrylic Bond Bath
C577-AAB-06 - Unfilled Acrylic bonding white polyester resin wil... More Info
C834-ABA-30 Low cost low styrene Atlac 6325 E-Nova ... More Info
Lloyds Approved
H520-NEA-14 Pre-acc medium viscosity thixed LSE Lloyds thin-m... More Info
WRAS Approved
SYNOLITE5410-P-4 Synolite 5410 P-4 versatile Ortho resin for ... More Info
Environmentally Friendly
H432-AODG-14 EcoTek H432-AODG-14 is a renewable pre-promoted... More Info
Fire Retardent
Buefa Firestop S420 white Class 2 medium viscosity good cure 6803-N... More Info