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BUFA Composites provide a range of resins suitable for the Marine industry. This includes Lloyds Approved resins such as the Altek H520 series, Vinyl Esters and DCPDs.

Lloyds Approved

Altek® H520 Series

General Purpose Orthophthalic Laminating Resin Altek® H520 is a prepromoted, thixotropic, general purpose low reactive orthophthalic polyester resin.

  • Low Exotherm
    The low exotherm of Altek H520 allows for the application of thick laminate sections that can cure at one time without the generation of excessive heat.

  • Good Secondary Bonding
    Altek H520 provides good chemical bonding between laminate application if proper application procedures are followed.

  • Superior Mechanical Properties
    When used with the proper glass reinforcement content, BUFA Composites Altek H520 produces a composite with superior mechanical properties that can assist in the reduction of cracking.

  • Catalyst Indicator Dye
    Resin colour changes from blue to neutral after addition of peroxide. This colour change provides a visual assurance to the fabricator that the peroxide has been mixed with the resin.

Vinyl Ester

H034 ADX

Hydropel Modified Vinyl Ester Resin

  • Maximum resistance to osmotic blistering when used for the skin coat of the complete composite.

  • Excellent strength and toughness of the finished composite part.

  • Provides improved resistance to cracking caused by the flexural failure of the laminate even when used only for the skin coat.

  • Good surface profile, with reduced post cure on finished parts.

  • Provides the toughness and resistance to heat needed to make durable tooling that will require minimal maintenance.


Altek H834-RAA-30
Low Profile Laminating Resin


Altek® H834 RAA 30 is a pre-promoted, thixotropic, medium reactive polyester resin, designed for use in the manufacturing of boat and other composite parts using the hand lay spray up methods.

Synolite 5410-P-1

Synolite 5410-P-1

Synolite 5410-P-1 versatile Ortho resin for Hand lay-up and Spray-up processes with Low Styrene Emssion (LSE) system. The resin is particularly suited for Marine applications and is Lloyd's Register approved.



With 5000 gc meets IMO 2010 FTPC Parts 2 & 5, Prefilled